Packing Your Stuff While on the Other Side of the Globe

Have you ever moved to a new home? Have you ever moved to another country? Have you ever packed your belongings while being 12500km away from them? Well, that’s what we did just a few weeks ago.

We decided to leave our home in Shenzhen, China at the end of January when we started to see the serious developments of corona virus. We booked our tickets, packed 5 bags and two days later arrived in Toronto.

Our original plan was to chill a little bit here and then return, grab our stuff, take care of the apartment we were renting, all the furniture we had and come back to Canada.

Little did we know….

Two months later the situation in China is a tiny bit better but the rest of the world is just starting to catch up with the pandemic. One thing was clear to us – we won’t be returning any time soon. And we weren’t excited to pay rent to an “oversized storage unit in China” aka our apartment.

We had to act.

There were a whole team of people involved to help us solve this situation.

First of all we had to get a permission from our building management that our friends could go to our home pack the things. This process was quite of a headache because at that moment in China people were allowed only to enter their own homes (with special tickets/permits), they wouldn’t let anyone else in for safety reasons (which is great! but not in our case). It was a strict “no”! However, after explaining them our situation, and the fact the building management weren’t interested in helping us pack, they set some requirements for our friends before they could enter.

They asked our friends to provide a document that states their whereabouts in the past 14 days.

One week later. Done. (apparently China Mobile can provide you with this information via a simple text. pretty convenient, huh?)

It wasn’t that difficult,was it?

We got in touch with our shipping company representative Susan from “Seven Seas Worldwide” and she helped us big time with sending empty boxes, tape, markers to our home and after that picking them up.

We are super blessed for having awesome friends who agreed to help us pack those boxes. We needed just the essentials. They followed a list we created for each room and finished packing in a few hours while on video call with us.

Our boxes are about to leave Shenzhen some time very soon and it will take up to two months until they reach Canada.

We are excited we were able to arrange all this while being so far away. It just shows that nothing is impossible!

Our little big victory!

P. S.

We managed to sell 98% of our furniture and return the apartment to landlady.

Stay safe, dear friends. Stay home.

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