A Birthday To Remember – She Turned 1

The journey begins here.


No wait, it actually begins…

How I Met Your Mother
New Years Party – December 2015 – January 2016

Here, January 2016. New Years, to be exact. When Mom met Dad.

Elizabeths Birthday Cake
The Cake Mom and Dad baked.

Before the morning of Elizabeths birthday, we should show you all of the prep that went into making her wonderful cake.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the party we had many friends come and share the joyous moment.

We listen to music, had some delicious food, and really nice conversations with everyone who came.

We even played a few games, like guess how old Elizabeth was in these pictures. I think auntie Olga and uncle Edward won.

Guess How Old
Playing guess how old Elizabeth is… uncle Edward is trying to be a true detective.

When it was time to open the gifts mommy and daddy had to help a little.

We had such a fun time with all the guest that came. We cannot find the words to express the feelings we carry so we would like to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. We are blessed to be surrounded by such caring people from all over the world. We all came from different walks of life and ended up in each others lives. Your willingness to share your time with us on this special occasion makes it all that much more special. Truly a birthday that will never be forgotten.


Love to you all


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